The brief introduction of library

Shanghai University of Electric Power library was found in 1951.After 60 years of history and culture accumulationa resource system which is given priority to engineering, with management,science,economy,artsfeatures in electric and powerhaving traditional books and digital information. Until June 30,2014,the number of total paper books has reached more than 1.13 millionthe new amount of books per student is more than 3 copied/student every yearand more than 1200 print journals are subscribedThere are 4.5 million copies of electronic books and dissertations and 42 digital resource database.

Dalian bofit software(renamed as MUSES system now) is used to manage our library books.The library have basically completed the whole collection of books and periodicals data entryand a complete set of automatic management of purchasing,cataloging,collection,distribution,periodicals,administrative management,readers query system has been implementedSince 2011,the radio frequency identification(RFID) technology has been introducedwhich makes it easier for readers to query and borrowing,the service functions such as self-help books borrowed,collection inventory and query the locating are implementedand the intelligent and networked management level has improved.

    Shanghai University of Electric Power library consists of two areas and four pavilionswith a total construction area of 19043 square meters.There are 40 formal staff in libraryand middle and senior titles accounted for 55% ,undergraduate and graduate staff accounted for 67.5%. There are 2742 readers seats,including 1406 reading seats and 1336 self-study seats.School pays great important on the construction of library, increasing input funds, and the purchase expense of literature resources is increasing year by year recently.Since 2012, Chinese-foreign database such as Science DirectElsevier)、Web of Science (SCIISTP(CPCI))Engineering VillageEI)、ASMEACSNational People’s Congress photocopying have been purchasedDigital resources,the paper periodical,Chinese-foreign paper purchase structure resources are optimized.