Struggling Youth Leads to Poetic Future-Living library Postgraduates Series
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Postgraduates who had weakened the dash and accumulated wide knowledge are all have dreams and looking forward to the future. There are difficulties among the brightest youth and most shining age, but eventually, it is countless achievement that life and time will bring us which could made us backbones of society.

   Living library student series III and series IV had finished successfully. Five excellent postgraduates of our university has been invited: Liu Tenghui from Energy and Mechanical Engineering School (Grade 2014), Yang Huixia and Shi Lei from Electrical Engineering School (Grade 2014), Zhong Konglu from Economic and Management School (Grade 2013) and Xu Jiong from Automation Engineering School (Grade 2013). They described their wonderful stories and perform with plain but humorous words which showed us the brave of youth, the rarity of dream, the power of persistence and the wonder of struggling.

Liu Tenghui gave a lecture with a topic of The Road of Ordinary, which specifically described his deeply affections about his sister, parents, classmates and teachers with simple and unadorned words. And he maintains that success favors only the prepared mind. Yang Huixia, who called herself “Girl Man”, said it’s her gumption that made herself into who she is. Shi Lei had become an excellent postgraduate from a junior college student with his tutor Shen’s help and direct. She is also keen on joining school activities such as volunteer activity. As an optimistic person she believes that God rewards the diligent and life is all about struggle. She hopes everyone could love their life, learn from life and be grateful. “Super Scholar” Zhong Konglu turned down a postgraduate recommendation, and then she obtained graduate by herself after two years’ work experience. She said she had no regrets instead it made her goals more specific. She said that nobody could endeavor for you but yourself, and it’s not just about yourself but the ones who love you. So, be strong and dominate your own life. Xn Jiong, the founder of Lingyun Guitar Club, said that youth is all about tossing. He had been decadent but his youth just began right after he established a connection with guitar.

Five postgraduates shared their confusion and achievements along the road of growth. Although time is changing, but effort and persistence are not. Those brave moments are not just simple movements. They also revealed human’s brave and kindness. What makes success is not just lucky but a long term of endeavor and struggle. To read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles. Listen to others’ story and look into deep inside of yourself. Life is not just struggling in front of you, but poetic future far away. 

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