Living Library Common People Series II---The Extraordinary of Ordinary Positions
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    On the afternoon of May 18, Common People Series 2 of living library was held in Pudong campus library. Shengle Estate Management Director of SHIEP campus Cai Dongdong and Zhang Deguan, who is the Engineering and Greening Supervisor of Shanghai Oriental College Town Estate Management Corporation, took part in this event as our guests. This activity also attracted employee representatives from two companies and about 30 students.

     Mrs. Cai shared the challenge that she met and achievements that she got during this ten years working for logistics department. The stories that she told audiences about how “door lady” cares about students and help them were really touching. Our living quarters of college won the title for University Student Apartment Management Service Demonstration Site which is one and only in Shanghai city, owing to the cooperative efforts of logistic staff. Mr. Zhang, who works for logistics department now, used to be an aircraftman and private businessman and also planted peach trees, working here owing to his wife’s advice. Mr. Zhang mentioned a pity story that he still cannot forgetduring his military career, he tried to save a drowning person, but that man eventually lost his life because of too much submersion time. He gradual fall in love with this “home” and have been working here for 14 years, although he was negative about this job at his first thought. When they were asked about why they would like to stay here and doing this job, both of them figured that because the warm work environment and kind colleagues here, once you stay, you will never want to leave.

     Both of them are ordinary logistics service workers in this college, but they contribute extraordinary warmth and power in their common positions. It is tiny power just like this converging together that protecting our college and guiding the students. Although this activity is over but this kind of warmth will last forever. As our Living Library’s gist: knowledge carries you go further, read more and vary life. Library will continue to bring more pleasurable activities.

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