“Study in Shanghai”: The Glamour of Shanghai Lecture Series
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The second lecture of Glamour of Shanghai lecture series –“Study in Shanghai” which was given by principle of Shanghai Institute of Technology Prof. Lu Jing, however, had held in College of International Exchange lecture hall at around 1:30pm on May 10.Vice-president Feng Jinzhang, Library Curator Zeng Fenyu, Secretary of United Party General Branch Ouyang Yuanhuang, Dean of College of International Exchange and some delegates of teacher and student had participated in this event.

Vice-president Feng Jinzhang introduced Prof. Lu to audiences at the beginning and expressed his sincere welcome. Prof. Lu described his unique comprehension of “Study in Shanghai” in a comprehensible way which was based on some culture features in Shanghai universities and telling examples. Specifically, Prof. Lu represents how to prepare lessons well and the good effects produced by attending lessons with questions at first. Secondly, he explained how to get freshness and stimulate creative inspiration or spirit by reading. Emphatically introduces a reading method called “Rough and Detail” and his reading concept which is detail-oriented but also grasp overall situation at the meantime. Thirdly, he emphasized importance of reading extracurricular books. He claims that reading not only textbooks but also master works of relevant expertise areas is benefit for students to improve their specialty literacy and create university macro-culture. In the last, Prof. Lu hoped that school would make students more splendid and students would make the world more wonderful. Prof. Lu received acclaim as the lecture resonated with audiences. He patiently answered students’ varied questions in Q&A session.

Vice-president Feng summarized the lecture in the end and expresses his thanks for Prof. Lu’s rattling lecture again. Every students and teachers present had spent a great and meaningful afternoon during the event.

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