“Win-Win: The Pride of Go, The Future of AI”
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On March 24, a lecture called “Win-Win: The Pride of Go, The Future of AI” was held in Pudong Campus northern library cultural activity center at 3 p.m. as scheduled. The speaker of the lecture is Mr. Tang Chongzhe who wins the International Cities Go Contest. The secretary of united party general branch Ouyang Yuanhuang, the deputy director of library Dong Jianzhong and some of teacher and student delegates had participated in this activity.

After a brief introduce by the host, Mr. Tang starts with the hotspot that artificial intelligence software α-Go defeat Korean player Lee SeDol. He explains the profound in simple language about few issues below. Such as the features of Go, the mainly problems and solutions of Go’s develop progress in AI area, human different cognizance and comprehending for Go compare to AI, whether artificial intelligence could replace human brain. He talks with a fresh and natural way which motivated students’ keen interest.

Then, secretary Ouyang thanked Mr. Tong for his wonderful speech. Meanwhile he expresses his own unique opinions and encourages students to learn and explore scientific and cultural knowledge.

Mr. Tang and students interactively communicate in a harmonious atmosphere. This activity came to an end after the guest took pictures with students and teachers.


                                     25, March, 2016

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