Thomson Reuters Web of Science Online Courses Spring 2016 Begin
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Thomson Reuters Web of Science Online Lecture Room spring 2016 courses now begin. In this term, specialists from famous colleges and senior lecturers from Thomson Reuters will share with you several topics through brilliant free online courses. Such as how to choose research direction simple and effective in exploration and discovery stage, how to search useful papers effectively in research and analysis stage, how to easily organize academic papers in research-writing stage, how to improve the chance of getting published in results publish stage and how to use intelligence analysis instrument to support the transform of scientific research achievements in achievements transformation stage. In addition, this course will share the deepening of universities discipline service and practical experiences of academic competition assessment.

Scientific Research Personnel session:

Course Schedule: Every Tuesday during March to May, 2016 (7:00 pm. -- 8:00 pm)


For more information, please visit:

http://ip-science.thomsonreuters.com.cn/WOSOnline/spring2016/courses.htm. Follow the prompts to register courses, and then you could get online courses training for free! 

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