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Library provides various way to provide reference to help reader to use library resources.

1. Real time reference: you can communicate with library consultant by QQ. Changyang campus reference:573695195,data base reference: 1355593667, Pudong campus reference: 851228470.

2. Online reference: You can ask questions any time from any place with the form, the consultant will feed back in details. At the same time, you can check other readers’ questions and reply. Link:online reference

3. Micro-blog interaction: The library Sina micro-blog has been opened@Shanghai University of Electric Power Library, welcome your friend, exchange and share with us.

4. E-mail conference: you can send a e-mail to us if you have any question and demand, the responses will be generated within two business days. E-mail address: siepinfo@163.com library-info@shiep.edu.cn

5. On-the-spot reference. You can consult us on site visits. Reference sites: the ground floor of library on Yangpu campus, the ground floor of north library on Pudong campus, computer room on two floor of south library on Pudong campus.

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